Shopping List For The Baby Basics

Getting a new member of the family that is quite particular with their needs means that you have to be ready way before he/she arrives. While it may seem overwhelming with so many things you have to buy even after considering the baby shower gifts, you only need a concise shopping list when you go to the baby store. Here are some of the things you may want to get before you head on over and do your baby shopping.

Clothing for Baby

A baby’s skin can be highly sensitive when it comes to clothes. And you also want to ensure that since your baby will probably only sleep and eat during its first months, you may want to consider comfort above cute prints and all.

Onesies are very comfortable and warm to wear. Do not buy a lot though because babies grow very quickly and you might not get to wear the others before your baby grows another size bigger. Booties and mittens are also a must so your baby avoids scratching himself. As they do not have that much control over their motor functions, covering their hands and feet would certainly avoid painful bumps and scratches.

Burp cloths are also a must as you would certainly be trying to burp your baby a lot and this might involve a little spittle. With the amount of milk your baby would be having, you will go through a lot of burp cloths before they can even say their first word.


Bath time can either be stressful or a lot of fun for your baby. The difference lies in the products and equipment you use to ensure that caters to your baby’s delicate skin. Buy gentle shampoos, soaps, and lotions. A soft hair brush for those fine little baby hairs too. If you are too scared of using baby nail cutters or scissors on those fidgety hands, you may also want to consider a soft nail enamel file.


You will certainly be spending a lot of time feeding your little one so maybe a good investment in feeding products sounds like a good idea, does not matter if you use formula or breast milk. Feeding bottles that are colic proof are nice to have. A compact steriliser and cleaner too because you would not want your baby to be drinking spoiled milk from previous sessions.


The baby’s room should also be ready for the tons of sleeping your baby will be making during the first months of their life. A crib with its own fitted sheets and mobile would be perfect. To find these things you will be visiting various baby shops or online stores like this website, these baby stores stock everything you need for your newborn and will provide you with great advice whether you are looking for baby furniture or monitors. As a general tip, you should avoid pillows at first as they can be quite dangerous on an unsupervised baby. You can also bring in a changing table to help you with the nappy changes and freshening up.


It is not just the baby who needs certain type of items to be ready, so does mum! If you are opting to fully breastfeed then you may want to check out some products to make it more comfortable for you. A breast pump and storage bags with ice packs would prove handy for when you need to pump milk sans the baby. A nursing bra, pads, and loose shirts would make this process quite easier for you too. You may also want to consider nipple creams to help moisturise the area without exposing your baby to toxic ingredients found in other regular creams.